13 Signs and Symptoms of Thyroid Issues

13 Signs and Symptoms of Thyroid Issues

You may be surprised that your tiredness, drowsiness and irritability may be not about your daily activities, but a result of thyroid problems.

This gland is a small butterfly-shaped construction, located in the front part of your neck.

It secretes hormones, called thyroxine and triiodothyronine to regulate your metabolism, body temperature, mental performance, menstrual cycle, heart working and skin appearance.

Sometimes problems may happen in this tiny gland, leading to excessive production of the hormones (hyperthyroidism) or to thyroxine and triiodothyronine deficiency (hypothyroidism).

The bad news is, ladies, that women are much more likely to suffer from these issues than men.

It could be a result of autoimmune error (condition, in which immune system attacks your own thyroid tissue), pregnancy, exposure to toxins, radiation treatment, surgery or drug consumption.

It’s worth knowing these symptoms of thyroid dysfunction to catch the problem as soon as possible and treat it effectively.

#1. Unintentional weight loss or gain – changes in thyroid hormones can impact on your metabolic rate, leading to unexplained weight loss (hyperthyroidism) or gain (hypothyroidism).

#2. Menstrual abnormalities – your gland has a great influence on the menstrual cycle, you know. Thus, hypothyroidism can make your menses prolonged and heavy, while women with overactive thyroid notice that periods become scanty or even absent.

#3. Alterations in heart rate – excessive release of thyroxine and triiodothyronine can speed up your heart rate, causing tachycardia. At the same time lack of thyroid hormones usually results in bradycardia (slow heart rate).

#4. Hair loss – any of thyroid problems can make your hair fall out intensively. The good news is that it will grow back, when hormonal balance will be restored.

#5. Cold or heat intolerance – hyperfunction of the thyroid gland leads to intolerance to high temperatures. And people with underactive thyroid complain of feeling cold all the time.

#6. Agitation and nervousness – patients with hyperthyroidism can’t relax, feeling anxious, nervous and excited without any reason.

#7. Depression and lack of energy – you may feel depressed and extremely exhausted, if your butterfly-like gland doesn’t generate sufficient amount of hormones.

#8. Mental problems – it’s may be really difficult for people with overactive thyroid to concentrate. Hypothyroidism, in turn, may be a culprit of the sluggishness and forgetfulness.

#9. Constipation – with decreased synthesis of thyroid hormones, all processes in your body become slow. Low motility of the gut can lead to chronic constipation.

#10. Muscle aching – thyroid dysfunction is usually accompanied by pain and tingling in the muscles of the extremities.

#11. Reduced libido – loss of sex interest may occur because of hypothyroidism-related tiredness and lack of energy.

#12. Sleep problems – hyperthyroidism may be a reason for your sleeplessness, while hypothyroid individuals experience permanent want to nap and don’t feel rested after sleep.

#13. Swelling or lump in the neck – sometimes people find enlargement or lumps in the neck during palpation or when looking in the mirror. Consult with your doctor and ask him or her to examine all new formations, you find in yourself.

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