7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Wear Shoes in the House

7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Wear Shoes in the House

There are plenty of countries where wearing sneakers around the house is inappropriate behavior, but in the United states, it’s a more common habit than some people would think.

But you should know that there are many reasons to take off your shoes at the entrance, as this nasty habit can lead to bacterial growth, toxins accumulation and other issues.

So if don’t have a custom of removing your shoes in your house, you should think about it. A good idea is to leave them at the front door or in the garage by the door, to avoid bringing any unwanted bacteria or toxins in the house.

We would like to tell you seven reasons that may convince you to develop the habit of taking your shoes off. Scroll down to read it immediately.

#1. Bacterial growth

Bacteria survives on your sneakers for weeks at a time. Studies show the average person has 421,000 bacteria on his shoes.

#2. Dirty house

Sneakers also bring in a lot of dirt and grime. This means you should clean your house every day to keep it in order. Are you sure you need this?

#3. Toxins accumulation

You may not know it, but our sneakers bring in toxins that can pollute the air of the house. Shoes like picking up whatever they step in and it may be dangerous things such as oils, gasoline and chemical waste. If you want to prevent air pollution in your house, you should take your shoes off every time you come into the house.

#4. E. Coli

This bacteria is one of the greatest threats to your health. As you walk outside a lot, coping with daily problems, sometimes you step on the turd. There are many animal excrement outside, and if you like wearing your sneakers at home, you can bring E. Coli. into your house.

#5. Keep your feet healthy

Since you wear your sneakers most of the day, you can experience heavy foot pain. The best idea for you is to walk barefoot at home, as it can stimulate blood circulation and eliminate pain.

#6. Keep your floor from wearing out

Keeping shoes off your floors will reduce wear-and-tear on your carpets, tiles, and wooden flooring. So if you want to keep your home in order, you should wear slippers instead of shoes.

#7. Relax your feet

When you remove your shoes after a long, difficult day at work, you are telling your brain that it’s time to have a rest. If you develop this habit, you will feel more energized the next working day.

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