7 Tips to Speed Up Your Metabolism

7 Tips to Speed Up Your Metabolism

Often, in an effort to quickly throw off the hated pounds, we limit our daily diet to such an extent that we do not cover even the level of basic metabolism. Our body, realizing that the “black days” have come, goes into “energy saving” mode.

That is, it conserves more and more calories, leaving the minimum for own needs. The lower the caloric content of the diet, the worse the metabolism.

There are simple habits that can help you keep fit and healthy. So, check out 7 tips to speed up your metabolism

#1. Eat proteins! Protein is very important in the diet of, not only athletes (them in particular), but also ordinary people. All cells of our body are made up of protein, all our matter is made up of protein, our muscles and bones are made up of protein.

#2. Drink water! Water is everything. Without water, a person can not survive even a few days, while without food, we can live a long time, more than a month. This suggests that water is more important for our body than food. Learn to drink water correctly – in small sips throughout the day.

#3. Have breakfast! Your morning meal is very important in order to disperse the metabolism for the whole subsequent day. If you do not have breakfast in the morning, your body will not wake up until lunch time. And breakfast should be full, nutritious. But not too fat or sweet.

#4. Alternate calories! Many athletes know that by sticking to the same workouts or the same diet, they will never achieve the desired results, due to the fact that our body is arranged in a way that adapts to any changes. Therefore, sticking to the same amount of calories (reduced) for a long time, you run the risk of slowing your metabolism.

#5. Be active! Even if you come up with a thousand excuses, to avoid the gym or exercising at home, make it so that even doing ordinary household chores or at work, you are more often in motion.

#6. Get rid of bad habits! Needless to say, alcohol and tobacco negatively affect our bodies. In addition, these substances contain poisons, which gradually poison all the systems of our body, and also affect the level of metabolism. Drinking one serving of alcohol eliminates the benefits of one intense strength training.

#7. Do a massage.Any kind of massage (anti-cellulite, sports, vacuum, even self-massage at home) perfectly stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, which greatly speeds up the metabolism.

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