8 Signs That You Have A Strong Personality That Might Intimidate Some People

8 Signs That You Have A Strong Personality That Might Intimidate Some People

Many people can be intimidated by a person’s strong personality. We live in a world that feeds on insecurity and fear so it is something normal to be a shy person and to keep quiet. So, it would be only natural for people to react when they see someone doing the opposite thing.

But, all these people who have strong personalities are people that we can learn a lot from. They have self-confidence and they are not afraid to shine in all the right ways.

The following 8 traits are the traits of people who have strong personalities which cannot be shaken by other people’s insecurities.

8 Traits of People Who Have a Strong Personality

1. You Do Not Let Everyone Into Your Life

You need to be really aware of how people can be today so you should not let everyone to enter your life. You should not be surrounded by fake people. This is why you should have only a few people that you can call friends that will make you happy. It is about quality, not quantity.

2. You Don’t Crave Attention

You are not be a person that will do everything for attention. Actually, you do not understand why people are so into being liked by others and getting their attention.

But, as this type of a person, your personality attracts people in a way that most who have these struggles to get envy you. But it is not you, it is the people around you who want someone like you in their lives.

3. You Don’t Need Anybody’s Approval

Sometimes people just do things for approval. But, not you. You do whatever you want and you do not need approval. You are strong in making your decisions and you always follow your motivation to help you achieve your own goals.

4. You Are Repelled By Ignorance, Idiocy, and Insensitivity

Your strong personality comes from you being thoughtful and well-informed. You do not want to make irrational decisions and you always measure the effect that your actions can have on your and people around you.

Nevertheless, not a lot of people can relate to this quality. You just cannot stand all the people who are ignorant, insensitive and inconsiderate.

5. You Hate Small Talk

Small talk is something you really hate. You just hate talking about irrelevant things when there are many useful things you could be talking about instead. You also do not understand people who focus on staying where they are when there is always space for growth.

6. You Are a Good Listener

People always want someone that can listen well. However, when they meet a person like you, everything changes. The more you understand then, the more terrified they become. However, there are rare people who will truly appreciate this side of you.

7. You Don’t Put Up With Excuses

You hate excuses. You also do not have time to listen to people complaining about how they cannot manage to organize their time as they should and blame other external factors for it. You know that if you set your mind, there is not an obstacle that can stop you. However, you also know that anyone can do this as well.

8. You Are Fearless

We are all scared, no one is fearless, you just need to know how to manage your emotions and overcome your fears. This is why you are always ready to face everything.

This makes you fearless, just being able to face everything and use it to your advantage. The sense of fear will just increase how aware we are and it will make us more careful and this will give us the strength to overcome anything.



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