9 Natural Ways to Reduce Eye Bags

9 Natural Ways to Reduce Eye Bags

The main reason for the appearance of bags under the eyes is an excessive accumulation of fluid in the body, which is collected overnight. Of course, there may be other causes, such as changes in the fatty subcutaneous layer due to the age of the person and his heredity.

Also, bags under the eyes can arise due to diseases of internal organs, nervous system, kidneys, heart, intestines or stomach. In the latter case, it makes no sense to try to eliminate swelling under the eyes, acting on them externally, but you should immediately contact a specialist who will help determine your illness causing this swelling.

If you are sure that you are absolutely healthy, but swelling under your eyes appears on a regular basis, you can try these nine natural ways to reduce eye bags. All of them are very effective and can help you solve this unpleasant problem:

#1. Limit your salt consumption. Salt retains water in the body, so you can have eye bags in the morning.

#2. Blink your eyes. Try to blink for about thirty seconds straight after you get up. This will reduce eye bags.

#3. Drink more water. Dehydration can lead to swelling and eye bags. You should drink at least eight glasses of water every day.

#4. Cucumbers. Apply two slices of cucumber to your eyes and relax for about ten-fifteen minutes.

#5. Potatoes. You can use potatoes like cucumbers onto your eyes. They are good against eye puffiness.

#6. Green tea. Take two bags of green tea, put them into warm water and after ten minutes apply them to your eyes.

#7. Egg whites. Add egg whites to your daily diet and apply a mask of egg whites to the area under your eyes.

#8. Milk. Dip cotton pads into milk and apply them to the area under your eyes for ten-fifteen minutes.

#9. Snooping. Put two spoons into the fridge in the evening and apply them to your eyes in the morning. They will reduce eye puffiness.

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