We Really Fall in Love With 3 People During Our Life

We Really Fall in Love With 3 People During Our Life

Love … What a wonderful, amazing feeling … Everyone sees and understands it in their own way. Everyone feels it and feels it differently. Your age, your lifestyle, people who surround you – all these have a great influence on what kind of love (a partner) you want and what kind of love you can get.

Psychologists say that there are only three types of love that we come across throughout our lives. First, we are young. There are so many shades of a youth love! Then, we become older and start to learn from mistakes and failures. We need something more serious and deeper than we used to have a few years before.

And it’s really often when the true, all-forgiving, and all-accepting love comes in the most unexpected moment of your life. That’s really a blessing for both of you. So, let’s read about what kind of love we meet during our lifetime. You’ll definitely recognize yourself in this article!

#1. Youthful love

It is the most incredible and wonderful love. At this age there are a lot of changes. A teenagers’ mood varies greatly: they may laugh, and literally in a minute, they can be crying, covered in thoughts and grief.

Youth love is unusual. It has its own uniqueness. For example, at this age it is already understood that friendship and love are very closely intertwined. In this case, friendship can easily turn into love through the process of flirtation.

Often teenagers are more worried about how their love looks from the outside, how it is perceived by others. Of course, very few people begin to think about getting married seriously. However, it is this type of love that stays in our memories forever.

#2. Complex love

The second type of love is a complex love. This love carries a great pain with it, the pain of loss, deceit and lies. We try to keep this love because it is different from what we have experienced before. Gradually we begin to understand what we want from life and what kind of relationship we want.

Very often this type of love is repetitive in nature. Drama is addictive and does not allow us to get out of the vicious circle. This love is based on the desire to extend it forever, despite the multiple barriers and obstacles.

#3. Unexpected love

The third type of love is an unexpected love. It comes when we do not expect it. Everything happens very easily. There are no complications or obstacles, no agonizing agitation and pain. This love does not fit our ideas of love. This time we really learn to love and to be loved. It is the first time we can relax and give ourselves up to our senses in full. We do not hurry anymore and just enjoy our life. And it is this love that can last until the end of our lives.

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