Use a Homemade Paste to Firm Your Skin

Use a Homemade Paste to Firm Your Skin

With time, your skin starts to lose its elasticity and keeping it firm becomes more of a struggle. While there are many supposed solutions on the market, they can often be expensive, or difficult to maintain as part of your regular routine.

Choosing to go the natural route can provide a method that is sustainable over time in the fight to help firm up your skin. By creating a simple cream-like mixture, you can help keep your skin firm, and even deal with other common issues like cellulite and stretch marks.

The following mixture will work with your skin to help get more oxygen to your skin layers and increase your overall circulation.


Clay (1 C).

Black tea (1 tea bag).

Pure olive oil (4 TB).

Fresh coffee grounds (4 TB).

Pure hazelnut extract (10 drops).

Find yourself a sturdy container, preferably made from glass, in which you will store the mixture once it’s ready.

What to do:

Boil a bit of water, then put in black tea bag.

Let seep and pour into chosen container.

Slowly incorporate clay, stirring as you add.

Continue using wooden spoon to stir, adding coffee grounds, hazelnut extract, and olive oil.

Combine well until you notice creaminess.

If texture is too firm add olive oil or tea.

Let set somewhere away from sun or heat and cool.

Do not use metal to make or administer clay mixture.

Once you’ve let it set for a while, it will be ready for you to use on your body. This is how you will apply it.

How to use:

Feel free to apply mixture to any part of body you want to target.

Clean and exfoliate areas before rubbing on mixture.

Apply firmly in circles to target spots.

Let sit on skin for about half an hour for proper absorption.

Use cloth or sponge and warmer water to clean off mixture from skin.

The difference will be noticeable immediately.

Keep in mind:

The mixture will show its true power over time so be patient.

Try to use mixture at least three times throughout each week over a period of multiple months for best results.

Drink more water.

Make sure you’re getting adequate exercise in your daily life.

Adding this natural mix to your beauty regimen may bring benefits and results that you haven’t yet found through another method so it’s worth giving it a try.

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