A Workout Plan for a 35 Year Old Female

A Workout Plan for a 35 Year Old Female

Most women experience hormonal changes in their thirties and it becomes very difficult to slim down and maintain a healthy weight. With age, women’s metabolism slows down and their bodies burn fewer calories.

However, it’s not over yet and you still have a chance to get a strong, fit and toned figure. In order to achieve desired results when you turn thirty-five, you should exercise a lot and balance your diet. That’s why you should find a training routine that focuses on building muscles and toning the body.

In this article we will tell you how to sculpt a perfect body when you turn thirty-five. Scroll down to read this article and start following these tips to feel energized and feel like a million dollars.

#1. Combine weight training with cardio training

When you turn thirty-five, you should plan your workout routine carefully. You should perform a strength training routine twice a week in order to give your body at least two days between workouts to give your muscles time to recover.

If you want to accelerate fat burning, you should engage in cardio training routines during your workout plan. You can choose any cardio routine you like such as running, boxing, walking or cycling. You should start with thirty minutes and increase your cardio time to forty-five and more. Or you can perform one hour of interval running once a week.

#2. Don’t forget about stretching

When you age, your body becomes less flexible and mobile. That’s why it’s important to perform five-minutes of stretching before performing any training routines, as it will help you avoid bones and joints injuries and improve your flexibility.

#3. Be active during the day

If you want to be fit, it’s not enough to workout several times a week. If you have a sitting job, you should burn more calories during the day.

Do morning exercises, walk more, go shopping, use stairs instead of elevator, sign up for dancing classes and play active games with your kids. All these activities will help you slim down and tone your body.

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